I'm a Design Strategist, originally from Scotland - living in London. 

I’m lucky to find myself doing what I love, exploring how design and technology might impact, influence and change the way people live.

Working within McLaren Applied Technologies Design Group, I advocate for design which recognises the value of combining human insight, data science, and technology with design to deliver life improving innovations. I currently work on several programmes in health and public transport, focussing on both improving health outcomes and patient experience by collecting real-world data, and providing insight on systemic challenges that will lead to improved operational performance.

Over the last few years I've been guiding companies through a process of design-led innovation. By uncovering the most valuable insights and opportunities directly through engaging end-users of a product or service, I’ve been able to balance what is possible, what is wanted, what benefits the business, to then set a strategic direction.

Last year I completed IDEO's Leading for Creativity course and won a D&AD New Blood Pencil.