How might we meaningfully adopt synthetic biology into our daily lives? 

What happens to us in a technological landscape where the production of sensory experiences, materials and particular functions are generated not in nature or the factory but in the scientific laboratory?

Discover speculates how we, as individuals, will come to interact with emerging bio-engineered technologies to better understand how society and culture will change. Discover uses synthetic biology to produce a sensual oil, filled with aphrodisiac qualities harnessed from the natural world.

The resulting heightened sense of arousal is at the heart of a range of novel experiences and rituals for couples to explore their bodies and their relationship.

Early research, including observations and interviews revealed insights that were brought together and helped construct opportunity statements. 


I used scenario cards to prototype interactions with users, iterating designs for use of the hands to encourage play.

Each step of the journey was carefully created to include rituals that would reflect the relationship, below is the final outcome of this project. It was exhibited with other projects around synthetic biology which, together, aimed to provoke conversation around possible futures.