Vision 2050

How might motorsport respond to the pressures of society, technology, and sustainability in the future?

Future Grand Prix is our vision for Motorsport in 2050. It’s the result of a successful collaboration between McLaren Marketing and McLaren Applied Technologies. Designed to give the world an insight into what grand prix racing may look like in 2050, when technologies such as AI, autonomy, electrification & VR become commonplace in society.

 The Design Group within McLaren Applied Technologies was able to bring the overall concept to life by applying a well-proven insight-led approach; capturing the desires of fans, gathering technical insight and balancing these inputs with the key technology trends of the future. Through a unique collaboration between the Design Group and the next generation of mobility designers, an incredible blueprint for the sport was realised - Our vision for future grand prix racing harnesses emerging technologies with fan passion at its core. 

Marketing Manager - Nikhil Patel

Design Strategy Lead - Sean McHarg

Design Strategy - Priti Veja

Industrial Design - Ryan Jongwoo Choi